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Rates There is a 3-hour minimum for all appointments. Maximum 2 children per sitter.













Tax is included

         * Rates increase by 500 yen per hour on April 28th to May 6th,August 10th to 15th and 

          December 29th to 31st,January 1st to 3rd.

.       * Please ask about more than 2 children.

 An additional charge may apply-based on the age of the children and babysitter-to-child ratio.Additional  babysitters may be required, especially if multiple children are under 2 years of age are present.


 Booking : Advanced bookings are strongly recommended for all appointments especially for all holidays.


 Deposit : We ask for a deposit for each appointment. There is a Three-hour minimum rate deposit. The deposit is  non-refundable.It can be paid by online credit card payment.Your reservation is confirmed when the deposit is  charged to your credit card. The deposit is credited toward the total babysitting fee.


 Payment : You pay your sitter the balance due in cash .


 Cancellation : A deposit is charged to your credit card in advance of each appointment.

 If a cancellation is made with less than 24 hours notice, 3-hour minimum will apply.

 If a cancellation is made with on the day notice, 3-hour minimum or 50% of total booking amount a day( whichever is greater) will apply.

 Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions to this policy.


  Winter Season (1st of December~31st of March)



     1child        3,700yen / hour / 1sitter

   2 children  6,500yen / hour / 1sitter


Before 8:00am  ,  After 10:00pm

   plus  1000yen / hour / 1sitter

  Green Season(1st of April~30th of November)



    1child        2,700yen / hour / 1sitter

   2 children  4,500yen / hour / 1sitter


Before 8:00am  ,  After 10:00pm

   plus 500yen / hour / 1sitter

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