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Our service “Mommy Smile” offers flexible child care service catering to your family and children’s specific needs and schedule.

In-Room babysitting. We visit your room to take care of your children.

Upon parents request, we can take children outside for a walk if the weather is nice, so they are not stuck inside all day.

 * Please prepare children’s food if feeding is needed.

Request for additional appointments must go through the Mommy Smile staff, not through the sitter.

Start date of the baby-sitting service is 1st of December in 2016.

The installer and manager of the baby-sitting service is Manami Yamamoto.

The company cooperates with public agencies in any other extraordinary circumstances, emergency disaster measures and the prevention of abuse.

In case anything happens,our service is fully covered by accident and damage liability insurances.

No business suspention orders have been issued in the past.

Join the Hakuba's Festival
Play at outside
Join the Hakuba's Festival
Eat Japanese foods
Join the Hakuba's Festival
Go for a walk
Eat Japanese foods
Play with toys
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